Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 18: Something I Bought

Over the weekend, we bought a new TV for the living room.

This purchase was long overdue because the TV we were using was purchased in college. I remember the night we bought it vividly because we overestimated the storage space in the car and underestimated the size of the TV in the packaging.

We bought it at a time when our two cars were a Mazda Miata and a Pontiac Trans-Am.

Naturally, we chose to take the Trans-Am for the bulky purchase. Afterall, we were buying a 32" TV and that car had at least a good 36" of unused space when we were inside.

So there we were in the middle of the Best Buy parking lot taking the TV out of the box and finagling a way to carry it home by removing the T-tops, with me balled up in the non-existent back seat.

Fortunately, the whole town of College Station is like two square miles, so it wasn't a major issue.

All that to say the old TV is over ten years old and they have made lots of improvements to TV's in the last 10+ years. 

The picture above is our old TV and this is Jeff and I doing the obligatory pictures for the Craigslist ad.

It's been listed for two days now and apparently $40 is too much to ask for a 10+ year old 32" GINORMOUS TV because I haven't received one call about it.


Somewhat related: I think I have posted before that Jeff and I are Craigslist junkies (see here, here, or here).  We like to buy and sell things and so far we have managed to avoid getting murdered, and sell a few things for more than we bought them for.

Anyway, it always cracks me up when someone lists something on Craiglist for $XX OBO (or best offer)...because it just screams "I really don't expect ANYONE to pay me the price I just listed."
I thought the OBO thing was bad enough but the other day I ran across an ad that was selling a set of shelves for $50, but in the description he made sure to note that he wouldn't take less than $40 for them. Um, clearly you also won't be taking more than $40 for them, idiot!

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