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With the exception of the furniture, this is where the lines get blurry between Home Decor Projects and Gift Ideas. The refinished, Annie Sloan painted white secretary desk, grey dresser and white dresser were all completed within one month after I went on a Craigslist binge. I started selling all of our furniture and buying old beat up furniture for $35. Jeff eventually declared me crazy and put me on a No-More-Painting-Old-Furniture Ban. Lesson learned...I should have drug it out over a longer period of time. But that was 2012, so maybe he has forgotten by now. Most the projects I do are self- explanatory, but shoot me a note if you have a question. (The newest projects will always be at the top).


Annie Sloan "Old White" Secretary Desk
This is my favorite piece of furniture because it stores hides all of our charging cords, external hard drive, stationary, and pens/pencils.

I Love You Because Frame
(since this picture I have added magnets to the back and put it on the refrigerator)

Framed Instagram Collage 
This is in the play room. I made my my own frame using a miter saw and once I got it up on the wall I stepped back to look at it and thought - 'why didn't I just use double sided tape on an old large framed mirror?' The great thing about it is it is easy to update and finally serves as a place to showcase all the day-to-day pictures.

Pottery Barn look-a-like Brother Sign
I used precut beadboard + navy spray paint + silhouette vinyl
(inspiration here)

Command Center

Refinished Annie Sloan Old White Dresser / Formal Dining Buffet
Two of the drawers had water damage so we removed threw them away and added baskets instead.

Monogram Magazine Box
Box from Target Dollar Spot + Silhouette vinyl (monogram font)

Refinished Annie Sloan French Linen Dresser / Entry Table
Photo Collage Wall

Chalkboard Easel Centerpiece

Home Office / Crafting Station

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Betty said...

I love all the Annie Sloan painted furniture. My shop is three times this room and yours is so much more organized and cute! You may need to come down for a week and help me out. You are so clever. Megan can babysit the boys!!!