This page is a hodge-podge of every costume we've ever created....whether it's for Halloween,  the annual vocabulary parade at school, or just for fun. Most the projects are self- explanatory from the pictures, but shoot me a note if you have a question. (The newest projects will always be at the top).

Football / Referee Costume

Feast Costume -  Vocabulary Parade

Zig Zag Costume -  Vocabulary Parade

Mickey Mouse Costume

Superman Baby Costume

Pattern Costume -  Vocabulary Parade

Computer Costume -  Vocabulary Parade

Cowboy Costume

Sonic The Hedgehog Shoes

Chef Costume

Rubik's Cube Vocabulary Parade Costume

Turkey Costume - Part I

Turkey Costume - Part II
(after I got smart and made it re-usable when 
I realized it every year of elementary school x 4 kids)

Charlie Brown Costume

Tax Deduction Costume
(Not really a "costume", but a fun onesie for two CPA's)

Pregnant Bomb Costume

Partly Cloudy

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