I'm an organizer wannabe and I'm always looking for new ideas to simplify daily life. Most the projects are self- explanatory from the pictures, but shoot me a note if you have a question. (The newest projects will always be at the top).

Pantry Organization

The boxes and baskets were from the Target Dollar Spot. 
All other containers were from Walmart.

Play Room Organization

This is the play room and it looks like (clean) this about once a month - but one thing that has helped keep the toys in their spot was these labels on each box with pictures (for the non-readers) of what is supposed to go in each box. Nothing gets me more frustrated than finding a Backugan in the Action Hero Box. I would rather the toy be on the floor than in the wrong box. 
Does that make me OCD? 
Free editable printable here. (The font is Petunia Bounce). 

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