About Me

I'm the mom to 4 boys and I have a love/hate relationship with the to-do list on my phone.  I'm the household scheduler, the homework helper, the dinner maker, and the shuttle driver that loves Jesus, diet cokes, crafting, and pedicures. I'm laid back, except when I'm not and I'm patiently waiting for the day I enjoy working out. 

Jeff is the hubby that puts up with all my home interior projects - and even comes in and saves the day when a Pinterest project is failing. However, he has officially created a ban on repainting furniture I find on Craigslist. He has the most detailed monthly budget on the planet that extends until we are 110. He's smarter than me - but not 40% smarter - as Hayden once estimated. He's definitely my favorite husband.

Hayden is 10 and our oldest child. The guinea pig kid, as we call him. Our plan is to figure out this whole parenting thing with him - write the handbook - and then tweak it for the other kids. He's most likely to end up exactly like his Dad....except he's going to have triplets because he thinks that would be cool. He loves football and wants to write a book - but before he gets started, he wants to make sure he has an illustrator and publisher lined up. Jeff is his favorite parent, and it's obvious. 

Davis is 8. He's the second child and is as goofy as they come. He loves a to get a reaction - regardless of whether it's good or bad. Davis is the most likely to be voted The Friendliest in high school because he's considerate and loves to surprise people - whether it's waking me up with coffee, or making a classmate a Rainbow Loom Bracelet. He loves cooking, baseball, Legos, and looming. He got his daddy's wit and his Momma's blue eyes. I'm his favorite parent, and it's obvious. 

Blake is the third. He's only three, but don't tell him that because he is certain he's 10. He knows every word to 'What Does The Fox Say' and also knows all of his older brothers friends by their First and Last Name.  He's the most likely to become famous one day, and I'm not even quite sure why - but he commands a crowd wherever he goes. He starts every sentence with 'Sooo'... and ends every sentence with 'What The Heck?!' GrandDad is his favorite, and it's obvious. 

Nathan is 2 and he's the thinker among us. He often looks confused at how he ended up in this crazy family. There's a chance he may never talk because his older brothers do all the talking for him, but that doesn't stop him from getting everything he needs. He enjoys meeting new people and often walks up to complete strangers asking to be picked up...almost like he's interviewing for his replacement family. He's a dare-devil and the most likely to pursue a career like Evel KnievelGrandDad is his favorite, and it's obvious. 

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