Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 3: Something I Adore

Hmmm...things I adore?

Antique baby carriages as photo props?
Winter days that feel like Spring?
my iPhone & Instagram?
Baby Nathan?

All of the above.

I found this baby carriage on Craigslist. The man was selling it for $150.
I couldn't justify spending that for a photo prop, so I asked him to rent it for $25.

The man thought I was crazy, but agreed.
Jeff thought I was crazy, but also agreed.

The prop turned out to be a bust for my real photography session
because it was just too big for the photo studio. So before I returned it,
I took it to the park (with four kids in tow) and attempted to
take some low quality iPhone photos.

I'd say I wasted $25 (and Jeff agrees)

But if nothing else
it made me realize how much I should appreciate
the year 2012, specifically the new and improved
collapsible strollers that weigh five pounds instead of fifty.

Key word being collapsible.

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