Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 4: Letterbox

Since the mailman doesn't come on Sunday, I thought I would post a
picture of the modern day "letterbox"...texting.

I still can't believe I arrived to the texting scene less than a year ago.

Someone really should have told me what I was missing out on.

And in case you are curious, here's a little context around each text:

Mike Stadler:
showing him what he was missing out on at the park

Matthew Stadler:
giving him a hard time about not inviting us to "the ranch"

Capital One:
keeping track of my budget

Jeff Lyle:
firming up the grocery list
{fun fact: this is the first baby to get a bottle warmer...
spoiled much?}

Laney Stadler:
a video of Hayden doing the splits in karate

Mica Anderson:
{as in Beef fajitas}
because she was bringing us dinner
Thanks Mica!

Kellie Watson:
catching up on work gossip
since I'm OOO
{OOO = Out of the Office, as Jeff says)

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