Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Hundred Fifty: Simplification

We have really decided to simplify our life and take
on a much more zen approach to decorating.


Trust be told, I got on another Craigslist kick and listed our entire living room for sale.

I was surprised by the speed at which our sofa, love seat, and chaise lounge sold.

I was hoping it would sell a little closer to the end of the month when our
new furniture is set to arrive, but we listed it at 10 am and were sitting
Indian Style Criss Cross Apple Sauce on the bare wood by 4 pm.

I know the speed at which it sold had nothing to do with the price it
was listed for (or the great pictures I took), and everything to do
with the fact that Jeff made me go in and edit the post from "couch" to"sofa"
because "no one calls them couches anymore."

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