Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Is A Story...

...a story of a husband that works too much, and a wife that was left with as her only entertainment. Note: This is the abridged version and does not include the chapter where the husband got very mad at the wife for selling their furniture. Then the wife reminded the husband that she sold the furniture for more than what they had paid for it six years prior. The husband then re-balanced the five year budget and the couple lived happily ever after started looking for a new comforter set.


Mica said...

Hilarious! You guys crack me up! It looks great in your room!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! I sold our living room furniture when the kids were about your boys age. Nathan came home from work one day and it was gone - he had no idea. We were also having company over for dinner that weekend, we all sat on the floor. You go girl!!
Ann G.