Monday, July 20, 2009

Ten Things I Learned In Mexico

Number One: Contrary to what they tell you, the water is not filtered in Mexico. Or at least not filtered to the degree Jeff and I need our water filtered. Oh, and water is used to make tea. And ice. Live and learn. (and yes, yes, everyone knows...don't drink the water in Mexico, but in our defense, 'everyone was doing it') Number Two: Packing my favorite pillow in the same bag as fifteen still living sand dollars is not a good idea. Poor pillow will never smell the same. RIP pillow.
Number Three: The “Pink Panther” is a virgin drink.
Number Four: Never allow your husband to use your body as a boogie board. I have never had so much salt water up my nose.
Number Five: People from Japan are much better at making sushi than people from Mexico. And allow you to order more than one roll with much less argument.
Number Six: The sunglasses sold on the beach for thirty five dollars two for fifteen dollars are not really Dolce and Gabbana. Who knew?
Number Seven: European trampolines are not as much fun as they look. Nor are they flattering in pictures. Which is probably why I am the only one to use it in the last seven years. Also why they store it in the “Entertainment Center” also known as the “Employee Parking Lot”.
Number Eight: Watching a group of friends do water aerobics-slash-synchronized swimming – slash- water massage is much more entertaining than actually participating.
Number Nine: For Sunscreen to be effective, it should be rubbed in all areas visible to the sun.
Number Ten: All drinks shall be kept outside the pool. Failure to follow this policy can result in scolding by employees whose sole responsibility is to stop pool drinking one bottled water at a time.

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