Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Hayden

So you are seven now...which means anything you didn't know last year when you were six, you DEFINITELY know now. Your vocabulary is increasing by the day and you use the words literally and seriously all the time now. Seriously. It is literally one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed. I feel much more secure about what is going to come out of your mouth at any given point, when compared to your brother. He is always trying to make up new words by rhyming and about once a week he lands on a word that would make sailors blush. It's quite scary when in public places.

You still have many similarities of your dad. From the way you let loose in front of only a select set of people, to your not-so-stellar listening skills. Your body, your hair, your cuddling skills, you are his mini-Me. That's not to say there are no differences though. Right now you HATE PE and moan and groan on Tuesdays and Fridays when you are forced to wear tennis shoes. WHY DO FIRST GRADERS HAVE TO RUN SIX LAPS you question in the most pathetic whine. I actually was feeling a little sympathetic for you because I remember those torturous days at Lemm Elementary until you pointed out the area that you run laps. Hayden, the total lap circumference is about 30 feet. Even I could run that far 9 months pregnant, assuming they would let me stop and use the restroom between each lap.

I always worry about how well you make new friends in your classes and was a little disappointed to hear that your closest friends from last year aren't in your class this year. In fact, this was one of the topics of discussion last week when your Dad and I met with your teacher for the annual parent teacher conference. She assured us that while you were very quiet at first, you have made some good friends and seemed to get along with everyone. I was a little reassured, but still not completely convinced until she e-mailed me this picture last Thursday from when you celebrated your birthday in the classroom with the cupcakes I brought in.
That's the Hayden I know and LOVE, but quick question: who is that little girl resting her head on your shoulder? I know we said it pays to catch 'em young, but we may need to revisit that topic.

This year was one of your best birthdays ever because between you and your brother, you almost have all of the Nickelodeon commercials covered with your new toys. This was the first year however that you really recognized the four day gap between your brother's birthday and yours...and I think those four days were completely miserable for you. The fact that he was now five and you were still six drove you absolutely CRAZY! Which of course means Davis brought it up approximately 19 times a day.
And then FINALLY you turned seven. You were strangely as excited about being seven years old as you are the fact that you will be TEN when you are in the fourth grade. Definitely something to look forward to son.

You are still in the Justin Bieber phase, except this week you've moved on from the Baby single (thank the Lord!) to his new single with Jaden Smith, Never Say Never. And I'm not going to lie, there has been more than one occasion where the sight of you walking around with your headphones, LOOKING LIKE A TWELVE YEAR OLD, singing this song word for word has brought a tear to my eye.

Because (at the risk of sounding like you) SERIOUSLY?!? Are we already at this point? It feels like yesterday we were forcing you to ride a horsie at 6 weeks old and teaching you how to say your name, Hayden Freffery Lala!

Where does the time go? I might as well start filling out your financial aid papers for college because I know that time is just around the corner. Although, while we are on the subject, you should really spend some more time practicing baseball because a scholarship would definitely help the financial plan. No pressure though.

I love you sweet boy. Your gorgeous blue eyes.  Your trampoline skills only surpassed by your jedi fighting skills. Your uncanny similarities to the man I fell in love with. Your laugh. Your smile. And of course your snuggling in the mornings.

Love, Mom


Grandma Lyle said...

I love your letters to the boys on their birthdays. I continually feel blessed to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law.

kel said...

ugh...seriously?? this makes me sad...the 'lala' video brings back so many memories of my sweet hay-bay!! such a big boy these days!