Friday, October 8, 2010

Seventy Seven: Hayden Bieber

Okay, so I am obviously failing at this whole blog a day thing, but thankfully Mica is there to keep me on track by sending pesky friendly reminders. Without her, I would probably still be on day 10. That is about the time the new wore off and I started thinking, what the heck did I get myself into?

So, this weekend was the big annual joint birthday party. I purposely planned a very low key Star Wars slumber party since I knew I probably wouldn't be up for entertaining the masses this late into pregnancy.

Hayden's gift from us this year was an iPod. I wasn't even going to admit we bought him an iPod, because Hello? buying a seven year old an iPod? Stupid!

I tell you this though only to make you aware of the fact that we have listened to Justin Bieber's Baby song no less than forty thousand times. We only get an occasionally break with either Michael Jackson's Thriller or Daniel Powter's Bad Day, but that is short lived because Hayden believes in listening to music in 30 second increments.

Oh, and for the record, he was elated because "he had been dying for an iPod his whole life!"

This video is from a month or so ago, before the Justin Bieber Baby marathon we had this weekend. So hopefully if we redid the video today, he would have the words right now.


Grandma Lyle said...

Hayden is "seriously" a little Jeff. About 25 years ago it was Swinging with Charly Johnson.

Aunt Amy said...

Definitely agree ... Hayden is like my twin ... only 7 ... Jeff would memorize every song that was played on the radio ... he would sing them all the time ... and if he didn't know what they were saying he would pretend that he did and make it a fact (you could try to correct it, but it was his version that was right). Something tells me if you put some songs on Hayden's new iPod like "Blame it on the Rain", and "You Can't Touch This" it would be a big hit with him. His Dad would sing these all of the time. Happy Early 7th Bday Hayden :)

Grandpa Lyle said...

Oh yes! The "Pasta Salad Commercial" was sung from Branson MO to Houston, TX - Just try that at the top of your lungs!

kel said...

OMG...this is precious. i have got to come here this live. so stink'n cute...LOVE the ending...