Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seventy Six - Reward

If the boys earn a stamp or smiley face for five
consecutive days, they are rewarded with one dollar on Friday evening.

That means we have to allot roughly an hour the
following Saturday to stand in the toy aisle
at the dollar store waiting for them to make their big toy decision.

Obviously, we haven't yet taught them the importance of SAVING.
It's on the life lessons list, somewhere after how to flush the potty
and how to spit out toothpaste without it getting all over the mirror.

Last weeks decision: Silly string and silly bandz


Mica said...

Did you wake up this morning wondering if I noticed that you didn't post yesterday? Because rest assured, I did! At 6PM, I am still noticing!

MicĂ  said...

Maybe you woke up this morning thinking, "Wonder if Mica noticed I didn't post again?!". And yes, yes I did notice.