Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sixty Eight: Vocabulary

Lately, Hayden has been experimenting with using some new bigger words. It started with the word "seriously", and he seriously uses it in every other sentence. To ask a question (seriously?). Or just to make an emphatic point (seriously!). First graders are so mature like that.

The other night after Davis spilled his milk we experienced the following conversation* (if that's what you call it).

Davis: Wahhhh! Wahhh! (crying over spilled milk, even though it goes against everything you've ever heard)

Hayden: See, that's why you shouldn't have lunchables pizza Davis!

Me: What? Hayden, it had nothing to do with his lunchables pizza. He spilled his milk.

Hayden: No seriously, it does. It's a bad influence.

Me: That makes no sense.

Hayden: Literally, it is a bad influence

*I realize that this whole exchange makes no sense at all, I just find it humorous that he tries to throw in big words like he really knows the meaning behind them. Hopefully this will help him on the SAT one day.


Anonymous said...

What a crack-up!!!

Aunt Amy said...

Seriously it is because he is smart. :)

Mica said...

Consequently, I hereto believe that allegedly his thoughts simultaneously make expeditious logic therein forthcoming.

So funny! He never fails to crack me up!

kel said...

love funny.