Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sixty Nine: Manners

Over our chicken fried rice dinner tonight, we had a lengthy discussion led by Davis all about manners.

And when I say lengthy, I mean it took up the entire length of dinner.

Every Thursday at his new school, one kid is chosen to bring in a "G" rated movie. This week, Jacob brought in a movie about manners.

Apparently, there are SIX major manner rules. We didn't have enough time to get through all of them tonight but we covered the "most important, berry, Berry, Berry! BERRY! important! rule, more important than any other rule."

"NO STANDING IN YOUR CHAIR! It's wike BERRY IMPORTANT!" Davis finally told us after a full ten minutes of expressing the importance.

Then we were all forced to take a multiple choice quiz, also led by Davis.

Question: "If your mom puts some-fing on your pwate and you don't know what it is, you should:"

(a.) not eat it.

(d.) ask your mom what it is.

(o.) feed it to the dog.

Answer:  "(o.) feed it to the dog."

I have a feeling someone zoned out for at least part of the manners movie.

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Betty said...

Isn't it amazing what these kids come up with? Love it! He's so funny.