Friday, September 10, 2010

Fifty Two: 2 Points

Hayden totally wasn't on his game that day.
This was one of many times that Jeff dunked on him.

Actually, to date, the boys have yet to show any real interest in basketball. If you ask them about it, they just respond that They Play BASEBALL!

Like, duh!

You can't possibly expect them to make it to the world series one day if they spend their off season dribbling basketballs, running drills, and doing whatever else basketball players do.

(I wouldn't know, I spent my childhood playing wall ball behind the
concession stand while Matt played baseball).

But as of tomorrow, that may all change. Our plans include:
1)heading to the YMCA to sign them up
2) scouring Craigslist ads until we find a goal for under $50


Grandma Lyle said...

That pic brought back great memories. I could probably actually retire now if I had a $1 for every time I've seen Jeff dunk a basketball. Jeff started playing YMCA BBall in first grade when my very very good friend (whose husband was the head coach for the Rice Owls) convinced me to enroll him. It only took her about a minute to convince me.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's not called a goal.


GrandPa said...

I would really like to transfer the hundreds of hours of Jeff and Amy pre-K basketball through high school. About half of it is on antique VHS, with more recent years on smaller tapes. Putting them on DVD is the only way to save the recordings before they disintegrate. Anyone want a 5,000 hour project?

Mica said...

At the store today, I saw a sign announcing "Lady Baller" try-outs for a women's league. I immediately thought of you trying out and couldn't help but LOL. Next year, you should try-out.

Aunt Amy said...

Hayden, Davis, and Blake should all know that their Dad - Jeff plans on coaching all of his sons in basketball and that means after Blake two more boys to go...he wants his own team of boys...Hoop There it is :)