Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fifty Three: One Man's Junk...

Today was the annual neighborhood garage sale in Lantana. It has become somewhat of a tradition for my mom and I to go to this every year.

The tradition includes many things including a Sonic drink and lots of use of the phrase "drive by." A "drive by" is a garage sale where someone puts out a nightstand, 1 lamp, and a box of books--hardly worth the effort to park the car, much less walk the 15 feet to the garage. (Seriously people, if you have less than 20 items to set out, either find a friend with more junk or wait another year until you accumulate more junk!).

But this year, at 6:30 a.m., I actually tried to break the tradition. I really had nothing specific I was looking for (other than a basketball goal), but with no other plans for the day, the alternative of sleeping late sounded much better.

In an effort to lure me, an exclusive offer was made. Dad would cancel his plans (read: avoid cleaning out the garage) so that he could drive us around for easy in-and-out access. This is a true benefit in a neighborhood garage sale. Dropped off at one end of the street, picked up at the other end. Efficiency at its finest.

I couldn't refuse that offer. So, I rolled out of bed (literally, you should see me these days) and joined them.

Lantana didn't disappoint. Here is how I spent $67.25, in no particular order.

* Janie and Jack sweater romper for Blake - $4.00

* Polo romper for Blake - $3.00
(as if sweet Blake needs another stitch of clothing with two old brother hand-me-downs)

* Almost Brand New Basketball Goal (still in plastic wrap)- $50.00
(link included for you K-dog...also here is a link to Jolly Ranchers)

* Ghostbusters DVD - $2.00

* Brownie - $0.50

* Three Bottles of Water - $1.50

* Play Mat for Blake - $6.00

* Little Boy Devotional Book - $0.25

* Spending Time with Mom and Dad - Priceless
(especially the bantering over where to park, where to turn, etc.)


Anonymous said...

A good time was had by all!! Thanks for getting up and going!! You did much better than I did in the purchasing department, but I sure did have fun with you.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Still you are the only person I have ever heard refer to it as a "goal." Maybe it's a Texas thing. We always call it at hoop.

I don't know how to do "fancy" links with just one word, so here's some info for you on ginger ale.