Tuesday, May 12, 2009

…In Case You Think He’s A Saint

I was looking back over my most recent blogs and realized that one could think Jeff is some sort of stair building, cake baking, project making father that can do no wrong.

He’s close.

But even Jeff needs a little extra guidance from time to time.

This week is bit hectic for the both of us. I’m in training all week and trying to plan his 30th birthday bash on the side.

Which is why we chose the divide-and-conquer-method yesterday after work. I sent him to Wal-Mart with a three year old and a detailed grocery list. It was a basic list for the most part.

Milk, eggs, bagels…the usual.

Except I needed a glue stick too. Anything outside of the 12 grocery aisles can lead to confusion. I know this. So as I wrote “glue stick” down in the miscellaneous section of the perfectly categorized list (that corresponds to the aisle pattern at our neighborhood Wal-Mart thankyouverymuch), I felt the urge to clarify.

I knew Jeff might be confused and think I meant hot glue and my craft project couldn’t be done with hot glue. I needed an old-fashioned, kid friendly glue stick. So off to the side of the list I wrote “NOT HOT GLUE” in parenthesis.

Meanwhile, as Hayden and I were perusing the produce aisle in Costco eating these tiny yellow tomatoes called Starbursts (have you tried them? they're delish!), I received a phone call.

It was Jeff.

“Where do I find the glue sticks?” he asked.

I responded with the aisle number, surroundings and exact number of required steps to get there. Then I hung up the phone and smiled proudly, knowing that I had led him down the right path.

So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived home and began unloading the groceries only to find a package of 30 hot glue sticks nestled at the bottom of one of the bags.

“What’s this?” I inquired in a harsh tone as I held up the package.

Before he could even answer, I started again.

“You called and asked me about it. I told you the school supplies section. I even wrote NOT HOT GLUE on the list!”

“Oh…” he said, with an almost visible light bulb flash on above his head.



Anonymous said...

I still think he is a saint!!! In fact, if I was a betting woman I would say he probably went back to the store and got you what you needed!! He makes you and the boys happy, and that makes me happy. Yeah, he is a saint!

Love you all,

Callie said...

HAHA!! Such a typical boy :)!

Amy said...

I think he takes after his twin a bit ... cuz we are both saints :) You guys are too cute!!