Saturday, May 9, 2009

On Being Argumentative

This boy...This sweet innocent {looking} boy could argue with himself if he wanted to. In fact, I am pretty certain I have heard him do so.

Yesterday evening, Hayden was dancing around in the costume du jour singing and chanting …

We Will!
We Will!
Rock You!

Davis heard this, stopped dead in his tracks and began singing the song LOUDER with one slight modification.

We Will!
We Will!
Not Rock You!
Not Rock you!

And of course he got just the reaction he was looking for. Next, a heated exchange ensued regarding whether we will or will not be ROCKED. That, my friends, is called arguing just to argue.

I often wonder what will happen when this little boy that never shies away from confrontation turns into a man. Will his internal career chart read that he’s determined and strong-minded…or stubborn and inflexible?


Kara Gordon said...

I bet if Anthony had a brother, that's they way it would have been. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so Maye!!!