Monday, March 23, 2009

Twenty Nine

Last year Jeff and I started a new tradition where we baked each other homemade cakes for the other's birthday. And when I say homemade, I mean not store bought. That is really the only criteria. Boxed cakes are perfectly acceptable.

Anyway, last year he made me a delicious four layer German chocolate cake. And though I can't remember what I made him, I am sure it was fabulous.

I think Jeff really enjoyed this task, because this year he started quizzing me about cake choices back in early February. I wanted him to have flexibility so I responded with either a German Chocolate cake or an Itallian Cream Cake.

And so...on the night before my big party I was banished to the backyard with the kids so that he could bake undisturbed. Finally, I snuck back inside to see the big reveal.

A half and half cake. True perfection!
I should have insisted that he put on a shirt before I took picture, but I didn't want to disturb the chef. But I promise he was wearing pants.

This cake was only the beginning to my incredible birthday that included food, family, a day at the spa, and a romantic date.



StormyHickman said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! And I bet the cake was delicious!

Martha and Stephen Stadler said...

Let me just say, that was some amazing cake!!! Happy Birthday Lisa!