Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slip of the Tongue

“Happy Smother Day,” Hayden announced as he rolled over in bed last Sunday Morning. He knows he can get away with co-sleeping when Jeff’s away and the night before Jeff had set off for a boy’s night out.

“Happy Smother Day,” he repeated throwing his arm over my body as he realized I was too groggy and tired to understand his heartfelt greeting the first time.

On one hand I was flattered that I was the first thing to pop in his mind.



On the other hand, I was laying there in bed overanalyzing. Do I smother him? Already? Too overbearing?

But, the day just got better from there. We began the festivities with a delightful breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe. Next on the agenda was a photo shoot. Me, exploring the endless possibilities of the art of photography…and the kids flashing their beautiful (sometimes cheesy smiles) while shouting STINKY PIZZA. I can’t think of any other way I would want to spend my day.

I will say that the kids are beginning to catch on to the fact that I sometimes lie slightly fib when I insist on picking out their clothes.

They moan and groan.

“The collars are itchy.”

“The shoes are too tight,” they'll whine.

"OH COME ON!” I will snap back. “I only pick out your clothes once a year. Can you please just appease me and work through the pain of wearing a 1 ¼” collar? Please?”

And that is when the inevitable boys-club conversation begins with Jeff as the sarcastic leader.

“Yea boys. We have to wear what she says. After all, she only enforces what we wear ONCE a year. On Mother’s Day…

And Picture Day…

And Easter...

And Sundays…

It’s the least we can do to wear what she wants us to this ONE DAY A YEAR. It’s her day.”

I am fully aware of the fact that eventually the boys are going to win the battle. One day very soon they will be teenagers. They will have girlfriends and cars. And more of a say about how to spend their Sunday afternoon. Which is why I cherish these pictures so very much.

To you I say: I hope you all had a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and were SMOTHERED with LOVE.

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