Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Last Saturday was a tense game of T-ball filled with tackles at second base and runners who didn’t always take the typical route to home plate. My son, also known as the kid only out for the end-of-year trophy, *might* just have gotten it. It may have clicked, the game of T-ball.

At one point in the game, he was given the opportunity to play first base. During his stint there, he managed to make two outs. I will acknowledge that these two outs were part luck, part coincidence, and part showing off for his familiar audience (three cousins, one little brother, the family historian Kellie, in addition to the normal crowd consisting of Mimi and GrandDad). But I don’t think anyone can deny that it looked like something finally clicked in his little mega-brain. I could tell he was thinking more about the tball game than the snack at the end of the game…or even the trophy at the end of the season. Afterall, he was actually looking at in the direction of the ball.

He swung the bat too.
And not like a 200 pound golf club, but like a 14 ounce BAT. Then, after hitting bunting the ball, he successfully made it to first base. Thanks in part to an error on the mound (E-1!), but nonetheless, he made it to first.
To celebrate: An M&M Blast from Sonic. You may call it bribery. Or even an unhealthy food reward. We call it an investment, which if done properly, will mature in the form of a Baseball scholarship.
**Notice the ginormous kid in the last picture. Now granted, Hayden is in the 25 percentile for height (I have a strong gene-pool!), but it looks like we’re playing in the world series for GIANT five year olds.

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Aunt Amy said...

Someone should check the giants birth certificate :)