Sunday, February 5, 2012


Do you all remember the "NOT HOT GLUE" incident?

The one where I sent Jeff to the store with a list of groceries including special instructions that we needed "Glue Sticks - NOT HOT GLUE."

He interpreted my note as HOT HOT glue sticks, and although he thought it was weird, he figured he just didn't know the different levels of hot glue.

Because that makes a ton of sense.

Well, today we topped that story with our inability to communicate.

Last week, I re-did the pictures in my office and brought home about 100 pictures - some old and some new. I had them in the front seat of my car. This morning, I attempted to clean out the car before we went out for breakfast.

I placed the pictures on top of our trash dumpster next to the back door.

The same place, for the record, that we often put sippy cups, school bags, mail, and other Non Trash Items when we are cleaning out the car but too lazy to walk inside.

In that moment, Jeff and I happened to be crossing paths, and so, to eliminate any confusion, I said, "I am setting these here, but they are Not Trash." I then turned around and proceeded to get in the car.

What Jeff heard: "TRASH!"

Hours later I asked where the pictures were, and he looked at me like I had two heads.

Lisa: You know, the ones I sat on the dumpster when I was cleaning out the car.

Jeff: I threw them away, like you told me to.

Lisa: You are joking me, right?
Jeff: You sat them on the trash can and said TRASH.

Lisa: WHY ON EARTH would I throw 100 pictures of our kids away?

Jeff: I don't know. I wondered that. But why did you set them on the trash can with the word TRASH anywhere in your sentence?

**Poor Jeff only had to dig through a bag or two of old diapers, jalepeno seeds and other gross garbage before he found the missing pictures.


Lisa said...

In my defense...

Lisa is correct in that we do put things on top of the trash can, such as backpacks and sippy cups. And for those items, there is no reason to mention that "these are NOT trash."

This day when we got home, Lisa told me that she cleaned out her office and took all of the old picutres out and replaced them with new ones. Then she proceeded to make note of the old pictures she was placing on top of the trash can and said something about "Trash" as I was walking in with 3 screaming kids (like any other normal day).

To me, if she didn't want them thrown away, then take them in the house and put them where they belong... not on top of the trash can.

- Jeff

kel said...

Ahhhh, this is GREATNESS!!! I love these very funny!!!