Monday, January 9, 2012

Chiefs and Indians - An Adventure

What this video does capture:
The great time shared by four young boys and their dads. Look close and you can even see the boys “stirring” the water with their oars. Jeff and Matt both argue that next time it would easier to just give each kid an anchor instead of an oar.

What this video doesn’t capture:
The moment I decided I had endured enough of Baby Nathan’s kicks and hid behind the truck to empty my bladder. We had been out in the woods for a full two hours at that point and hadn’t seen a soul. But of course, OF COURSE, that is the EXACT same moment that a jeep rounded the corner and stopped a mere 30 feet from my makeshift port-a-potty. I didn’t make eye contact, but I guarantee whoever was in that jeep is sitting around the water cooler today talking about the pregnant lady they saw in the woods with her pants around her ankles. It’s one of the rare occasions I wished I had a penis.

The Tribe
Chief Big Heart Empty Wallet - GrandDad (because every adventure is fun, but guaranteed to be expensive)
Swift Feather (aka Lead Oar) - Jeff
Chief Wobbly Canoe Slippery Foot - Matt

Sharp Arrow - Peyton
Long Spear - Hayden
Black Hawk (aka Splashing Oar) - Davis
Chief Rubber Arms Patient Heart - Ryan

Also, special thanks to Squaw Enables Big Fun - Mimi,
who stayed home and watched Chief Stinky Britches Blake.


kel said...

precious precious precious!! love this adventure! so cool and such a cool video!

Kathy said...

So creative - I adore this idea!!! I swear you guys are the coolest parents ;)