Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Now that I am resolved to the fact that I am going to be living in a house with five boys, I look at the bright side every opportunity I can. The nice thing about boys (and I am not just talking about little boys), is that they are so oblivious to their surroundings.

This year I have been doing much more online shopping since I have become an Amazon Prime member (highly recommend it!).

Each day it's fun to come home and see what has arrived, because even though I ordered all of it, it's still exciting to open the box and remember what exactly I ordered after the kids go to bed.

But some nights, I just don't have it in me to open up the boxes, break down the boxes, and hide the they just sit and pile up at the front door.

You'd think, since there is only 22 days left until Christmas, a stack of boxes at the front door might lead to some questions from the boys.

Maybe they would shake the boxes.

Or read the return address.

But, nope.

No, they just walk right by them for days at a time, without even a single inquisition of what's in the box?

For this reason, I think the kids will believe in Santa when they are in high school. There is no reason for them not to believe.

No light bulb moments.

No wait a minute...that doesn't add up.

Just completely oblivious boys.

"Hey mom! Can you move this box so I can reach my jacket," Hayden asked before school the other day.

By his age, I already knew even my mom's best gift hiding spots (the top left corner of her closet), not to mention how to unwrap and re-wrap the presents under the tree.


Somewhat related: There was also this time last summer when we picked up the kids early from school. We were in GrandDad's truck. The bed of the truck was loaded to the brim and hauling a small trailer with two 4-wheelers. We made it all the way to the Oklahoma state line before anyone piped up and asked where we were going. I guess it just didn't cross their mind for the first 100 miles to ask.


Grandma Lyle said...

This is so funny, especially since I lived 18 years with the 'original' oblivious Lyle boy. I can't imagine living with five of them at once. But they are a joy to have around.

kel said...

this cracks me funny!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

That's awesome!!!