Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Birthday, A Baptism, and A Banishment

So...since we last spoke, a lot has happened.

Our family passed around
in no particular order
strep throat, the flu, RSV, and bronchitis.

And then, as if that wasn't chaotic and exciting enough,
 in the middle of it, we had a baby.

Even as I type that, I am not even sure how it all happened.

I have never felt so compelled to write my birth story,
and I plan to share all the details about the way Nathan
entered this world..
from mothers intuition in full force,
 an on-call doctor who followed his gut,
a newby nurse that had no idea how to draw blood,
an infant that was banned from the nursery,
a couple of meltdowns by yours truly,
how we exiled our 15 month old,
the family and friends that stepped in to
lend a hand and clean (DISINFECT)
my house from top to bottom,
and my lack of judgement
when all I could think of was "chapstick" when
making my last minute list of things to pack.

But first I wanted to share this sweet video of Davis.

One week before all that happened,
on February 11th,
Davis was baptized...(or "bap-ti-tized" as he says)
in front of the church and his family and friends.

Afterwards we celebrated his "Re-Birthday" at Fuddruckers.
I wish I had more words to describe this event.
The night was perfect.

To see any child get baptized is awesome.
But to see my child make a profession of his faith is breathtaking.


I still can't watch this video without tearing up.

Hayden, Peyton, and Ryan waiting for the service to start
* a sweet note from Hayden on the sermon notes page.
It says: Dear Davis, You made me so proud that you got baptisde.
(with a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog, which I'm sure is symbolic)

Peyton, Davis, Ryan, and Hayden enjoying cookie cake
Davis' fiance Ella, and cousin Ellis



Betty said...

Omg. That made me tear up and made me so proud of you Davis. I'm having a hard time typing through the tears. That is what it's all about. This shows what good parents Lisa and Jeff are. A truly amazing family. Congratulations to all of you and especially Mr. Davis!

Mica said...

It is crazy to think about everything that has happened with your family in the last month! It is busy season afterall - and you are both CPA's. Hopefully, things slow down by April 15th!

I've told you many, many times, but I'm so thankful that Ella and I were there for Davis' baptism. It was most certainly a game changer for Ella. She talks about it constantly and looks forward to making that step herself.

Aunt Amy said...

Congrats to Davis :) !!! Congrats on Baby Nathan too!!! I'm glad everyone is well now. Love you all bunches.

Anonymous said...

Loved the video. I tear up at the end too. Mark was super impressed with all that Davis was able to articulate. Tell him congratulations for us! Such a special moment!
Now we need to get out there to visit the TWO Lyles we haven't met!