Friday, January 31, 2014

{The Blogs I Never Posted} The Angler Fish

The Angler Fish

When Hayden was in 1st ... 2nd ... Some Previous Grade, they did a science unit on oceanography. 

They had to pick an ocean animal of their choosing, study it, 
and for Bonus Points! they could create a 3D version of it. 

Hayden chose the angler fish because I think he liked the teeth and the lightbulb. 

(Clearly this is an old draft - created when the Lyle Family still cared about Bonus Points!)

So one weekend Jeff and Hayden tackled the project 
of creating a paper mache angler fish.

(I have no idea how Jeff drew the short straw.) 
(But in my defense, he is the one that took Art in high school).

 I also have no idea where Hayden went during the process but 
every picture I have was of Matt and Jeff with messy hands covering this balloon.

Kind of like the pottery scene from Ghost, but different.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that Matt and Jeff did a fine job and could ACE elementary school!



Bonus Points! for anyone who can guess what animal Davis will pick when he studies the ocean unit?
And Blake. 
And Nathan. 


Anonymous said...

I think Davis will pick the Great White Shark, Blake will pick Nemo (clownfish) and Nathan will pick a swordfish. What do I get for my bonus?

Love you!

Lisa said...

Wrong, Anonymous! Davis, Blake, and Nathan will all pick an Angler Fish.

I love you too, probably.

Mica said...

I will give YOU bonus points for a picture of Matt and Jeff doing the Ghost scene! :)

I like the way you think though. The bonus points that keep on giving. I'm going to start talking up the angler fish to my kids, too. Let's see how many bonus points we can get out of that fish!!