Monday, January 27, 2014

The Thursday Folder

I often go through Hayden's Thursday folder and chuckle at some of the stuff I see. 

And I'm not talking about the New Way of Doing Math. I'll save that for another post when you are ready to spend the afternoon hearing me vent. 


Anyway, here are a few of the things I found: 

I noticed he was learning about Helen Keller – which I remember learning about in elementary school and thinking it was heart wrenching.

Me: Oh, your learning about Helen Keller? That’s so sad isn’t it.

Hayden: Yea! She was Bad! She was full of drama!


On Hayden’s spelling quiz, he had made 100 but his teacher had made a note out to the side about improving his handwriting. When I saw this, I used it as an opportunity to reiterate what his teacher was saying.

Me: You really need to slow down when you are writing. Your teacher made a note that you need to work on improving your handwriting. Just slow down and focus.

Hayden: Okay, I will try to go about 9% slower.

Somewhat related: The other day, in casual conversation Hayden mentioned that he thought Jeff was DEFINITELY smarter than me. "About 40% smarter, " he said with confidence. I will definitely acknowledge that Jeff is smarter than me. He scored about 30 points higher than me on the SAT so that fact was established long ago....but 40% is a STRETCH. 

I'll give you 5% smarter.  



I also reviewed one of his science worksheets and had to laugh when I looked over the problem, hypothesis, and conclusion.

What will happen when you put two magnets together?

They will either attract or repel?

Conclusion – was your hypothesis right? Why or Why not?
Yes, because I learned this last year.

 * I would attach a picture but based on the handwriting issues above you would have to know what you are looking at.


Mica said...

I am fairly confident you've been dumb enough to tell me all of your secrets, so I have never had any serious doubts about the identity of Hayden's biological father. BUT...because I am likely 30%+ dumber than Jeff, Hayden just keeps making it more and more obvious!

I love that Hellen Keller is "full of drama"!

Betty said...

You go Hayden! I love the update of each person on the side. I'm jealous of Grandad being the favorite of two kids!