Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 8: My Sky

I took this picture last weekend when the weather was beautiful.
I'm glad I did since the weather wasn't really cooperating today.
It was cold, and windy, and wet.

But we couldn't avoid it because tonight was open house at the school.

Open house in Frisco ISD is a come and go thing.

If I have learned anything in the last three years that Hayden has been in school,
it's that "come and go" means come at the end of the window so that you can
easily get a good parking spot. Front Row, no less!

All was well at Open House.
We talked to the teachers.
We looked through math journals and reading journals.
We watched Hayden's PowerPoint presentation he created about Boa Constrictors.
We saw the 3D model clay project and two of the messiest desks in the whole school.
We walked the halls and gathered papers from each classroom.

Once we felt all the bases had been covered, we headed home.

Except that we had forgotten that it was windy outside.
Very Windy-
All those loose projects and papers that were piled up in the bottom of the stroller
didn't fare too well in the wind.

An explosion of paper work.
Nine weeks of worksheets times two kids = approximately a bajillion papers.

At the time, Jeff was holding a squirmy Blake
and I was pushing sleepy Nathan in the stroller.
The other two were playing tag in the middle of the parking lot (or something equally unsafe).

Jeff and Blake started running in circles chasing down
swirling, whirling papers with very little luck.

For a moment, I abandoned the stroller and attempted to help.
Then I remembered that Nathan was more important than a book report on Boa Constrictors.

So we made the executive decision to just load the kids in the car
and pretend the lose papers did not belong to us.

We were those parents.
Let's hope this was one of the many times that the kids
forgot to put their name on the top of the paper.


Anonymous said...

Man, I could go on and on about how Mark and I are "those kinds of parents." Just recently one of my friends who teaches at the kids' school actually said to me, "You're one of THOSE kind of parents, just so you know." I wanted to smack her for about a week. I was like, "Yeah, if you mean cool and AWESOME, I guess so!"

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name.... even though I figured the "Mark and I" comment might give it away.

Fun Kellie said...

oh my goodness, this cracks me up! I can totally picture this whole scene. So funny. My bestie and her crazy life of 4 me smile!!

Aunt Amy said...

Just so you know from the teacher perspective ... most teachers dream about doing something like this when it is time for grades to be due ... just don't hold it against us when we have lost all of the papers and don't know how ... now I know I can pretend it is b/c I have four nephews :) Too funny !!!