Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 9: My Routine

So, I think this picture sums up our routine perfectly. It's a picture of the app I am using to track all-things-Nathan. When our pediatrician first suggested the Baby Connect app, I thought she was crazy.

It was $4.99 for crying out loud.

That's just ludicrous! Apps are supposed to be free, unless of course you are talking about a wagon of smurfberries.

But then I thought that in the grand scheme of things, $4.99 is really not that much for a baby item, especially if it helps me keep my sanity.

And now I love this app. It stores everything and syncs to all the devices in the house.

Let's say Jeff decides to surprise me tonight and do one of the night feedings (hint, hint), he can log the feeding on his phone and then when I wake up and check my phone I will see exactly when and how much Nathan ate.

You couldn't do that in 2003!

When Hayden was an infant, I used to have to track these types of things by hand.
Written in ink.

And to make matters worse, there was no Pinterest updates to check during the feeding back then either.

You can also store the medical history of each kid (checkups, vaccinations, sick visits), so part of me wants to go back and input the other three kids health history.

That's the part of me that forgets there is only 24 hours in the day and we already have to-do lists that account for 26 hours a day. If I find time to do that, I might as well go back and update every time Hayden has pooped in the last eight years as well.

Just for good record keeping.

Anyway, it's a cool app. If you have a baby, I would recommend spending a whopping $4.99 on it.
Call it your 'one big splurge.'


Other happenings from today that the Baby Connect tracker doesn't show...
some are part of our daily routine, some are out of the ordinary:
  1. Breakfast is prepared by Jeff
  2. Cartoons are watched
  3. Friendly reminders are given to Brush Teeth (x 15)
  4. Friendly reminders are given to Put on Shoes (x 15)
  5. Blake finishes breakfast and decides to play in dog water bowl
  6. Brush teeth threats are started
  7. Put on shoes threats are started
  8. Hayden and Davis finally brush teeth and put on shoes
  9. Kids are dropped off at school
  10. Jeff and Matt go to Breakfast and the gun range
  11. I fold laundry
  12. I ignore the dishes
  13. Jeff takes Nathan and I to lunch
  14. We take a tour of Lifetime Fitness...but don't sign up
  15. We pick up the kids from school - early dismissal
  16. Hayden and Davis go to the doctor for  8 year and 6 year well checks (only 5 months late)
  17. All goes well until Davis acts disappointed that they won't be getting any shots (in an effort to get a reaction)
  18. This inspires the Doctor to look again at their charts and suggests they get the flu shot (even though both already had the flu)
  19. Hayden must be restrained in some sort of wrestling hold for shot
  20. Hayden is furious with Davis and for the next six hours holds his arm like it's in a sling
  21. Dinner Time! Hamburger Helper!
  22. Hayden goes to Karate for three hours and I work on thank you notes
  23. We finally settle in to bed to watch a movie that turns out to be horrible
  24. I start to blog way past my bedtime
  25. I finish my blog and continue to wait for Nathan to wake up for his next feeding (because I know that if I go to sleep right now, he will wake up at the exact moment I hit REM sleep)


Aunt Amy said...

Too cute ... love that Apps are for everything :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

That app is so neat! Wish that I had known about it 6 months ago! Oh, and what did we ever do without Pinterest?! For reals!!!! :)