Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7: Favourite

These are a few of my favorite things:

Favourite Photo Subject: Definitely my "littlest middlest", Blake.
If only for the fact that he smiles every time I point my phone in his
direction and a photo shoot with him doesn't require
a trip to the dollar store afterward.

Icecream flavor: Cheesecake from Paciago.
Sport: Football. I still haven't chosen which boy we should groom as a quarterback,
but based on their weights alone, it probably won't be the first two.

Season: Spring. Patio dinners in the spring.

Hobby: Hauling kids around to extracurricular activities. Oh, and blogging.

Song: Otto Titzling from the Beaches Soundtrack. It's one of the few songs I know word for word.
Even if it is an urban legend.

Grade: Definitely 11th grade. I dated this really hot guy.

Color: Blue. More specifically, blue eyed boys.

Favourite Comedian: Davis, without question.
It's less about what he says and more about timing and facial expressions.
I once thought Jeff was the funniest person I knew. Until I met Davis.

Favourite place to have a date: Blue Fish. Or anywhere without the kids.

Favourite date: December 31st - I love our annual NYE PAR-TAY!

Website: Google Reader, pinterest, facebook. The rest are unnecessary.

Search engine: Ask kidding. GOOGLE!

Subject in school: Algebra. Is this a sign I am too old for this survey?

Vegetable: Fried okra.

 Favourite Snuggler: Baby Nathan wins this round.
I could snuggle with him all day. And sometimes I do.

Time of day: Lunch time, unless I'm dieting.

Punch line: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Language: Definitely English.

Store to shop at: JCPenney. Wait, who am I kidding?
It's TARGET!  Followed by Costco. Then Amazon.
Then JCPenney.

Designer: Worthington? I'm not sure I know any real "designers"

Day of the week: Why would anyone pick any day other than Saturday?

Month: December. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Favourite Helper: Hayden. He's by far the best big brother.
He loves "tummy time" with Nathan, and "tickle time" with Blake, and most of the time with Davis.
Assuming Davis goes along with Hayden's on-the-spot game rules.
There's a reason God chose Hayden to be the oldest.

Number: Four!

Type of electronic: Is that a real question? The iPhone of course...
my phone, computer, game console, calendar, baby tracker, calculator, and camera
all wrapped into one. 

Movie: Always the last one I've seen, so currently Hang Over 2.

Game: Scramble with Friends. And I will love it even more once I beat Mica and my mom.
If you score less than 200 points per round, you are welcome to look me up.
(user name: lms0772)

App: Baby Connect. It saves my brain from thinking these days.

Favourite way to spell favourite: Favorite!

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Mimi said...

I am happy that you are back to blogging because it is one of my favourite things!