Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 20: Some People I Love {That Love Each Other}

This post fell on the perfect day because we recently hosted a party to celebrate my parents' 10th /40th  Anniversary. They were married on Leap Year...February 29th, 1972. That was my dad's brilliant idea to get out of 75% of the anniversary presents.

And I think it has worked so far.

I love both of them dearly, and they clearly love each other more than words can describe.

I know they love each other because if they didn't they would have been divorced that time my dad bought his 19th ladder.

Or the time she ignored his phone call after he had knee surgery because she was playing scrabble.
Or that time he made her roof the whole house.

Or that time she played one too many games on her iPhone.
The party was originally scheduled for the end of February but Nathan really wanted to attend so we postponed it for about a month. It was Sunday afternoon and we served BBQ, which was my creative way of delegating most of the work to the boys. It was a neat group of people that came to celebrate their relationship.

We played the NOT-SO newlywed game with four couples and some all of the questions proved to be very challenging for my parents. The couples were:

Lee & Sue - married 58 years
Netcie & Gordon - married 43 years
John & Jenny - married 41 years
Mike & Laney - married 40 years

The funniest part was that I had tailored the questions just for them but that didn't help.

For example, when asked the question "How will your wife complete this sentence? My husband has more ________ than anyone else I know." Everyone in attendance at the party knew that the correct answer was LADDER, because my Dad is known for having two ladders at every length.

Everyone BUT my Dad, that is.

He answered "FUN??!"

Then later, when asked what color my dad thinks my mom looks best in, he guessed three different colors, none of which were the right answer.

Netcie and Gordon pulled out the win, but later admitted there was a little scheming that happened beforehand...which I guess says a lot about their communications skills. Unfortunately for them, there were no prizes, so the upfront planning didn't pay off very well.

It was a great party and I can't wait to top it when they celebrate 50 years!

Here is the photo booth and party montage:

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you for setting such a great example for Matt, Melissa, Jeff and I. Growing up, our house was full of unconditional love and for that I am thankful.  I now know how difficult it is to balance work, life, and full kids schedules, but you guys seemed to always put us first. I'm know your relationship, like all relationships, has seen it's ups and downs, but you have stuck together and managed to have fun in the process. By watching your example, we have learned to forgive, forget, compromise, put others first, and always say I LOVE YOU.

You guys are such a great compliment to each other...Mom, the nurturing, caring, always supportive one...and Dad, the care-free, fun, and exciting one. As a pair, you add so much joy and love to our family and I love that you have both taken your role as a Grandparent to a whole new level.

Happy Anniversary...wishing you guys another ten forty years together.

Love, Lisa


Mom said...

Wow, what can I say about that post except thank you so much for hosting an awesome party! I love the video montage and the song was perfect - Dad is "still the one" that makes me smile. However, life would not be complete without you and Matt and your families.

Thank you again and I love you more than words can express.


Mica said...


So sweet!

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