Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 21: Reflection

Today I turned 32 years old.
Today, I also had a tubal ligation surgery.

Not the best as far as timing goes, but what a perfect pair of events to "reflect" on today.

I'm excited to be 32 years old.

Apparently, 32 was my mom's favorite age and she only stopped claiming that age once Matt turned 32...because only then was it impossible mathematically.

Already, I can see why this season of life was her favorite.

Life at thirty two is filled with many unexpected
challenges (parenting is hard!) but I wouldn't change it for the world.
I finally feel like a real life grown up, a grown up that still gets to 
experience the joy and excitement of new experiences through my kids.

Bike Riding.
 Kite Flying.

It's all that much more exciting the second time around. 


I'm also glad I had my tubes tied today.
In fact, I told my doctor to double knot them because my family is complete.

 I know how truly blessed I am to have four sons and a wonderful husband,
and I need nothing more.

(That, and because the whole 1/200 failure rate freaks me out a little. )


If I wasn't on pain medicine, I might be a little more "reflective"
tonight, but for the record, getting your tubes tied HURTS.


Oh, and as it turns out, having surgery on your birthday is
not all that bad because you get to sleep all day long, which is an
awesome birthday present when you have a newborn at home.


kel said...

and you deserve it all my friend!!

Shelby said...

Found you through Kelly's Korner SUYL...hugs. I am debating having a tubal since I am pretty sure our family size is perfect as well. I am still kicking it around though.

I'm Cindi... said...

What a CUTE post!! Happy Birthday, by the way. :) Yep, I understand the "double-knot" thing. My husband said almost the exact same thing while he was with me in the OR welcoming our second son into the world via c-section. Hope your recovery is going GREAT!