Sunday, November 27, 2011

School Spirit and Thankfulness

Even though the Aggies lost to the Longhorns on Thanksgiving day, we still had a lot to be thankful for.

We started a new tradition where we all sign, date, and write what we are thankful for on the tablecloth (to be added to every year). Thank you pinterest for the idea.

And for years to come when we pull it out of the cupboard to set our china(ette) on the table and notice the Christmas style holly leaves on it, we will be thankful that it was on sale.

At Kohls.

I am thankful for (in no particular order) yummy side dishes, a baby boy that wiggles in my tummy, three healthy other boys, a God that has blessed me in so many ways, my job, a four day break from my job, online shopping, Christmas music, caramel lattes, a wonderful husband that is not afraid to change a dirty diaper, the smell of a real Christmas tree, epidurals, and parents that offer free baby sitting.

Okay, there is a particular order..but that wasn't it.

Peyton is thankful for cousins. And God. And Jesus.

Davis is thankful for God and Jesus too.

Ryan is thankful for Blake. It was unspoken but it probably has something to do with him not being the baby anymore.

Blake can't write yet but if he could, I think he would write that he was thankful for food. And a Granddad that that feeds him pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream.

Hayden is thankful he is not a pilgrim. Did you know they didn't have wi-fi or Nintendo DS's?

For the record, I am thankful we are not pilgrims too.


Mimi said...

I am thankful that you got the blog ap on your iPhone. I have missed the blog so much. I am also always thankful for you!! I love you!


Grandma Lyle said...

What a cute tradition. I, too, am very thankful for all my family. I'm so proud of everyone. And that is the cutest bunch of boys ever!!!!

Aunt Amy said...

What a cool aggie picture :) Just imagine if they all go to Texas A & M University ... they should really give family Discounts :) !!!