Friday, October 14, 2011

Vote! For Blake!

If you have time today, please go to

and cast a vote for Clark Kent. You will have to scroll to the very bottom, past the facebook comments, and enter your name, email (not published) and comment.

If you are on facebook and want to vote there too (not cheating), go here and "like" the picture...(not the album):!/photo.php?fbid=10150342607288996&set=a.10150342606318996.371189.287677798995&type=1&theater

Reasons you should do it:

1) He can't be overshadowed by his older brother, Davis (the middle-est one) who once won a photo contest for this picture. Hindsight is 20/20 and Davis is pretty cute too, so I am not quite sure why I entered that photo of him. I guess it captured his personality. Regardless, we won.

2) He smiled at our ridiculous fake laughing and was only bribed with a small ice cream treat afterward.

3) He still lets me pick out his costumes. Oh how those days just FLY by. :(

4) He might really be Superman and save the world. You never know.

5) He's not wearing underwear on his head.

6) He's really cute, just ask his mom!

7) I have the chance to win another photo shoot so that I'll have more really cute pictures to share.

8) It's Friday, and who is really 100% productive on a Friday?

1 comment:

Betty said...

I have already voted. I wish I could vote again! I heart Blake! I'll get the girls at the office to vote too.