Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It Pays To Have Friends with Friends...

About a month or so ago, I asked you to vote for Davis in the beautiful eyes contest. Although he does have some beautiful eyes, it was more for selfish reasons than anything. I was dying to win the prize of a free photo shoot with one of my all time favorite photographers, Jonnye Bower. The competition was tough, but we pulled out a 2nd place victory. Quite frankly, had he not been in the contest, I would have had a tough time deciding which kid to vote for. One of those kids had the most piercing eyes I had ever seen.

But that is beside the point.

Because Davis was in the contest. And I voted. And you voted.

And you got your friends to vote (thanks Mom & Dad). And your cousin. And your Aunt's Best Friend's Neighbor. And your "office" (thanks Betty!). And your entire listserv (thanks Kel & Mel) and your blog readers (thanks Mica!). And because of all of your votes, we won.

Some say 2nd place is the 1st loser, but in this contest, I didn't care because 2nd place meant we did indeed win a photo shoot. So I would like to extend a very special Thanks to You, and You and You, and your hair stylist and your favorite teacher from 4th grade for helping us win.


And although Jonnye does fabulous work with her super cool backgrounds and awesome lighting, these pictures definitely wouldn't have been the same without our sweet "nanny" Kellie, roaring like a dinosaur and acting like a transformer in the background in an effort to bring out the smiles. I just wish there would have been another photographer to capture her literally "transforming and rolling out" behind the camera.

Now I am off to look for a second job so I can afford to have some of these printed. :)



Mica said...

AHHH - LOVE THESE! Good job, Kel! You got their personalities to shine through the pics. I need to book you for our next photo shoot!

kellie said...

seriously...LOVE these good! 'my boys' are so stink'n cute! ha!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome. Good job Kellie getting them to smile!!

Anonymous said...

They are too cute. I think we need to reserve Hayden for Megan. They are beautiful children.

kim said...

Great pics!