Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday

Mattress shopping while pregnant, in the company of four boys (one of which that needs a nap, one that only wants to go to the play area, one that is STARVING, and one that doesn't understand the concept of early bird specials) on the day after Thanksgiving is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

There is a reason that a typical Black Friday in our family is a mother-daughter tradition.

Is it any surprise that several salesmen walked right by our family of five without asking if we needed anything? Finally, when we approached one of the salesmen and told them we were ready to buy a new mattress*, he apologized for his inattention and said he thought we were "just resting."

I could see his point.

While Jeff and I probably looked very relaxed while wrangling a crying baby and scolding two other kids at alternating times not to jump on the beds and not to fold themselves up into the remote controlled mattress, my home is at least a little more relaxing than the middle of the jcpenney furniture department.

*We didn't just buy any old mattress, we bought a super cool one with a remote control and head/feet lifting actions. Does that make us old? Oh well, Merry Christmas to us!

Oh and Dear Santa,
Instead of making a list this year, we walked around the mall and took pictures with stuff we like. Have your elves follow us on Instagram.
Bear Hat and gloves at Gap Kids


Betty said...

I hope to buy a new mattress after the first of the year. What kind did you get? It sounds expensive. I told Mike I planned on spending a lot more than normal to get a good one. We really are old!!! I think I'll go by myself to shop. You are braver than I am.

Aunt Amy said...

Ohhhh wow ... I wish they had bear hats and gloves when I was a kiddo :)