Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Hundred Thirty Seven: Lunch Date

The other day Mimi and GrandDad offered to take the big boys to the movies in an effort to teach them the importance of being willing to watch a good chick-flick (Tangled).

Jeff and I welcomed the calm and serenity of having only one child to attend to and went out for a nice lunch at Chuy's.

It's so different eating with an infant. Once the baby carrier is nestled snugly in the sling, the lunch almost turns into a romantic little date.

No need to remind anyone that the forks and knives are not swords.
And the bowl of coffee creamers are not miniature glasses of milk.
And napkins are not capes.

I figure we have about six months left to enjoy as many of these threes-company-lunches as possible before Blake is grabbing for every Sweet-n-Low bag within reach.

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