Monday, December 6, 2010

One Hundred Thirty Six: Wild!

Jeff loves to play this "game" called "attack baby" where he carries Blake around and places him right next to Hayden and Davis' face to scare them.

They think it is hysterical and for whatever reason, Blake *usually* seems to like all the laughing and commotion as well. But by about 2 minutes into the "game", the volume in the house reaches the level where the neighbors are probably reaching for their remote to turn up their TV.

That is usually when I step in and act as the family fun ruiner, ceasing all chasing, screaming, and flailing around with my five week old involved.

Which brings me to: can you just imagine my life in ten years?

I am going to go ahead and predict that I won't have much time for blogging when they're teens. I will probably spend the majority of my time following them around to make sure they are not video taping themselves doing crazy boy stunts like pushing themselves down a flight of stairs as they sit in a shopping cart.

**Please overlook the permanent Kool-Aid mustache on Davis and the Nutella on Hayden's cheek. No time for face-washing these days.

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