Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Hundred Thirty Eight: Homework

Jeff assists Hayden with his homework reading journal

Every week Hayden reads a teacher-assigned book and answers three specific questions in his homework journal using complete sentences.

This is hands-down the most difficult chore in the entire household. On most weeks, Jeff and I literally have to tag team the task mid-way through or one of us is likely to throw our hands in the air, send Hayden to his room, and do the homework ourselves.

I mean, I'm no speed reader, but do you know how fast I could read The Blue Mittens, and answer that "Granny was my favorite character because she was so giving."

Approximately thirty seconds.

It takes every ounce of our combined patience to help him get through the weekly assignment. The sad part is, it has nothing to do with his ability. It's not that Hayden doesn't have the brain-power to do the homework, but the whining to reading ratio is about 10 to 1. It would make your ears bleed if you were a surprise visitor on homework night. The most common phrase uttered on these dreadful Homework Nights: TALK IN A NORMAL VOICE!!!

But I'm Tired!
This is lame!
It's too hard!
Why does Davis get to play?
How?    Many?    More?    Pages?
But in his defense on this particular night, since when is "echolocation" a first grade word? It was in the middle of a thirty page mini-encyclopedia all about sound.

Seriously? I think someone mistakenly packed up the valedictorian's weekly reader in Hayden's back-pack. Someone needs to tell Ms. Collins that we are just shooting for Top Ten Percent.

He only thought the story about Granny knitting Leah some blue mittens was "so boring" last week.

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