Friday, November 26, 2010

One Hundred Twenty Six: Whoop!

Since the Aggies were having such a good season, Mimi decided to get each of the boys an Aggie jersey.

Thankfully, our late-in-the-season added support didn't jinx them like it did the Cowboys back in January.

(You can thank me later Mike Sherman!) (Sorry Wade!)

And now the Aggies are Cotton Bowl bound. Which means I am no longer a 2 percenter...more along the lines of a 5 percenter.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited about watching my alma mater play in the Cotton Bowl, but I'm slightly more excited about another opportunity to get a picture of the whole family in their Aggie jerseys. That was the plan on Thanksgiving, the day of the big Aggie/Longhorn game...but I never managed to get everyone together long enough to pose. Instead, the day was filled with deviled eggs, family chats, Black Friday ads, pumpkin pie, and a fair share of calorie loaded casseroles.


Betty said...

Perfect! That maroon is so striking. Eat your heart out Mica!

Mica said...

With the risk of sounding bitter, as I watched one of your games (not THE game because my eyes were clouded with tears!), I realized how stupid your Gig 'em hand signal is. I want to say "Golly gee whillipers!" when I see it. I am just saying (in slow motion)!

What a weird football year though! We'd normally not celebrate a 9-3 season and trip to the Cotton Bowl, but in light of losing more games than we won, I'll jump on your bandwagon. I'm good for 1%.

kel said...

LOVE these pics! so cute! we need to take an aggie jersey pic of us for the cotton bowl!