Saturday, January 23, 2010


You can blame us for the Cowboys loss last weekend.

Last Sunday is the day the Lyle family officially jumped on the Cowboys band wagon.

Jeff sent me to the store looking for Cowboys jerseys for our

Said they should be about $5 per jersey.

You know, like the Old Navy Fourth of July Shirts that are falling off the racks.

That tells you how much he knows about jerseys.

For the record, they are $80 each. And after learning that
we decided to take baby steps toward becoming Cowboys Fans.

So there I was pacing through JCPenney with
10 minutes until kickoff time. Clearly I was not a real fan.

Four phone calls to Jeff later, and we were outfitted.

Phone Call #1
Lisa: Large or Extra Large?
Jeff: Large

Phone Call #2
Lisa: Romo or Witten?
Jeff: Witten, definitely!

Phone Call #3
Lisa: Jerseys are eighty dollars!
Jeff: EIGHTY DOLLARS??!? Stick with the five dollar t-shirts.
Lisa: Five dollar t-shirts don't exist.

Phone Call #4
Lisa: Was Ricky Williams traded or something?
Jeff: Who?
Lisa: Ricky Williams?
His jersey is here on the clearance rack.
I can get you that (in extra extra large) for only $4.88.
Jeff: Do you mean Roy Williams?
Lisa: Oh yea. Roy. The back said R. Williams and I was just guessing.
(I said this quietly in hopes of not giving away the fact that I was a fake fan).
Jeff: No. Definitely not a Roy Williams jersey.

Throughout the game, I had high hopes.
For the Cowboys, of course.
But also envisioning how cute the four of us would look in our
matching navy on Super Bowl Sunday.

Maybe we would even upgrade to jerseys, I considered.

As you know, it was not meant to be.
But we are ready for the 2010 season
and promise to start watching before they get into the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! I even have a Dallas Cowboy shirt. I bought i so I could wear jeans to school one day!

love you, Mimi

kel said...

that's hilarious!

Mica said...

Please tell me you're kidding! You don't know where Ricky Williams plays?!?! Really?!?! I am definitely Kellie's football knowledge rep - and that is sad.

Do you know where the R. Williamses went to college?