Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Warning

This trampoline represents my youth.
And some animal / person / insect / or something-in-other went and ruined it!

Jeff thinks it was a cat.

I think it was something more wild, like a bobcat...or a coyote.

You know those wild animals are always on the prowl for new, fresh trampolines.

Davis thinks the culprit was much more extreme a dinosaur. Probably a t-rex.


kel said...

Oh no!! that's horrible!! i'm so sad for you...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is so bad!! I wonder what really did it.


Anonymous said...

How horrible! Didn't that critter know the trampoline represents my youth too! My guess is a raccoon, you know, or a T-Rex.

Aunt Amy said...

I agree with the raccoon...those guys are always on the prowl for each little bit of food left out...we have some that roam our courtyard at school and tear thru trash cans like they are a toy to play with...should put out cameras to catch the dinosaur just in case b/c it could be worth some cash :)

Mica said...

What?!?! This is just sad.

I'm going to go with Davis on this one - probably a dinosaur!