Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Hundred Twenty Seven: Deprived

Poor Angel.

Our sweet little dog, Angel (who required us to get all new flooring in the house due to her over-active bladder).

She just celebrated her twelfth birthday. And she was the queen of the house until seven years ago when Hayden joined the family and turned our life upside down.

Spoiled rotten.

Not that we threw her birthday parties or bought her gourmet doggy cookies or anything.

We were never those dog parents. But it's no secret that she did get a little more attention pre-kids.


Betty said...

Poor Angel. She is still a favorite of mine. If I didn't have one spoiled rotten dog, I would take her away from all the abuse and neglect! Just kidding.

Aunt Amy said...

Blake looks happy next to Angel Bangel :)