Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Twenty Two: The Birds and the Bees

This was a presentation all about Bees that GrandDad, Davis and Mr. Lee put on at Davis' school. The production was flawless and included a show and tell of bee tools, honey from around the world, and a real live observation hive.

I of course stressed the whole time that someone would get stung by a loose bee, or that a kid would be allergic to honey, or that GrandDad would burn the school down lighting his bee-smoker, but in the end, all went well.

Unfortunately, the presentation was derailed by high pitched screams a few times when a wasp (NOT A BEE!) flew over the crowd of anxious but attentive pre-schoolers.

Among the best questions asked in the open ended Q&A (more like never ending Q&A):

1.) Why is there not a king bee? Good question, young lad, but everyone knows the queen is the one who can get stuff done.

2.) Why are you stealing their honey? Thanks to the producers of Bee Movie.

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