Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twenty Three: The Glucose Test

That's me sitting in the lobby of my doctor's office drinking the dreaded flat "fruit punch" so the nurse could later draw my blood and test to see if I had High Blood Sugar? Low Blood Sugar? Or Something Related to Sugar?

Anyway, I should have been done with the drink 30 minutes prior to walking in that morning, but I forgot.


Even though my appointment was for 8:45 a.m. and I had already TALKED about drinking it no less than THREE times that morning. Once to my mom. Once to Jeff. And once to a friend.

So I had to beg for permission to let me drink it in the office and agree to waiting the 1 hour for the test.

For some reason, the lady sitting behind the desk (visible in the picture) who was literally some sort of temporary receptionist seemed to have a major problem with this request. She was very bothered because that was going to mean she was going to have to 1.) get up out of her seat 2.) go to the cabinet 3.) fetch another "fruit punch" bottle 4.) first learn where the fruit punch cabinet is 5.) look at her watch and note the starting point so that I could be tested IN NO LESS THAN ONE HOUR 6.) write down that time...and so on.

And what if the phone rang during that time? Then what?

So could I just set up another appointment and come back next week?

Fortunately the actual doctor happened to walk by and overhear her 5 minute monologue about why it was going to be VERY difficult to get me another bottle. Thankfully Dr. Boyd interrupted and mentioned that it would be no problem at all. The temporary receptionist then took another 5 or so minutes to finish taking notes on how to answer the phone before she reluctantly got up and found a fruit punch for me to drink. And then my hour began.

Scrabble. Scrambler. Sudoku. Facebook. Email. Really the time flew by. Technology really makes waiting much easier these days.

p.s. Just so that Blake doesn't feel shafted one day, you should know that I also forgot Hayden's goggles that day (pool field trip) and Davis' show-and-tell reptile.

p.p.s The point has nothing to do with him being the third kid, and everything to do with me being a scatterbrain these days.

p.p.p.s In addition to being a scatterbrain, I also have blood as thick as molasses. The nurse needed a small vile of blood but had to get it out of both arms. Not because she couldn't get a vein...but because I only bled about four drops before stopping.

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