Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twenty One: Freebirds

A few months ago, our dream came true. Freebirds came to our neck of the woods. This means we spend at least one evening here per month week. I won’t go into all the details, but just know that I have a FANatic card and have earned three free burritos since they opened in March.

When we first started going, the boys thought of it much the same as they do Chipotle…which means they were not too thrilled about our frequent visits and just put up with the chicken and cheese quesadilla that came on the Kids Plate.

No amount of foil art or crazy tattooed employees could convince them that the new Freebirds down the street was the best thing since the invention of the Happy Meal.

Until we made the decision to order them each a burrito.

Much to our surprise, they LOVED it. Davis scarfed it up so fast we joked that the next time we came, we would need to order him a MONSTER burrito (which is the burrito Jeff eats, roughly the size of Davis’ left leg).

Not much thought was given to that conversation until the next month week when we went again. While we were in line, Davis reminded us that he wanted the MONSTER burrito.

Since we’ve only been parenting this child for four years and are still naive to his meltdown potential, we decided to order him a kids burrito and just tell him it was a MONSTER burrito.

And since he is almost five now and not two(an age where you can actually get away with stuff like that), you can imagine how well that went over. When I handed him his mini-burrito CALLED A MONSTER his eyes immediately filled up with tears as he dramatically pushed it away.

In an effort to avoid standing in line again, Jeff offered up his burrito.

Which was very nice and commendable, given that I was already sharing my burrito with Blake. Plus, I will speak for both of us that we thought Davis would eat two bites and be turned off by either the carnitas, fresh jalapenos, pico de gallo, or myriad of other “freebies” and sauces Jeff had added to his burrito.

No such luck.

Davis polished off about half of Jeff’s burrito before finally giving in and handing it back, but only because by that time Hayden had dug into the brownies.

Now he asks to go to Freebirds all the time so that he can order a “Monster Buwwito, on a wred tortilla, wif all the spicy fings.”

So much for the cheap kids meals.


Kara Gordon said...

You have the funniest blog posts. I love reading and laughing out loud!

Aunt Amy said...

Well that means either one of two things are true:
1. Davis will be a weird eater like his Dad.
2. Davis will be an AGGIE :)!!!

Betty said...

Another Aggie! I hope poor Jeff didn't starve.

Grandma Lyle said...

Oh wow, this one is especially funny to me. After all those years of Jeff as a kid and all our restaurant stories of him, this is priceless. One of our most memorable stories was Jeff as a 7-yr old wanting to order the $50 shark dinner instead of the kid's $5 fish sticks.

kel said...

this is hilarious! love jeff with the baby burrito!