Monday, July 26, 2010

Six: My Name Is...

Up to this point, Blake has been the front-runner name for our newest addition to the family. We've been calling him Blake since the moment I found out I was having another boy.

I was still open to suggestions though, so when Tiffany suggested the name Caleb and Kristie suggested the name Gavin, we began testing those names occasionally interchanigng the names when talking about him.

We have now come to the conclusion that Blake is THE name. In fact, just last week, I purchased wooden letters at Hobby Lobby that cost two dollars and fifty nine cents, so it's basically a done deal.

But because of the whole nickname facination, Hayden came up with the brilliant idea to name the baby Blake...and call him know, as a nickname.

Right now, I am sort of just letting him continue to think that is the plan. Especially after I realized that worst case, we could still use my two dollar wooden letters and call him Kaleb with a K.

Also still on the list: Kale, Bale, Kel, Lake, and Ka.


Betty said...

I love the name Blake. This is what I wanted to call Brad before he was born but Mike wouldn't let me.

Aunt Amy said...

Any name you choose will be perfect :) It's a Lyle Boy :)

Grandma Lyle said...

I can't wait to meet Blake.