Sunday, July 25, 2010

Five: Nicknames

Davis, Holly, Maye, Jack, & Hayden
relaxing after a fun filled fourth of July.

Don't you just love how the girls were still all smiles and grins posing for the camera.
The boys on the other hand didn't even realize I had walked into the room.

One of the neat things about Kristie's kids was that each of them had a nickname.
I honestly didn't give it much thought until they left.

Hayden declared we all needed nicknames too.

I asked if he had any suggestions for what we should call him.

"T-Bo", he answered confidently and without hesitation.

Then I turned to Davis and posed the same question.

Again, without hesitation, Davis announces. "PIZZA!"

So there you have it. The Lyle family's new nicknames:
Jeff (short for Jeffery) , Lis, T-Bo, and Pizza.


Betty said...

Wow Lis, I'm impressed with all your blogging! Your son, Pizza, is so funny! He goes from Cooker Davis to Pizza.

Anonymous said...

You have to forward me some of these pictures!

kel said...

love those sweet boys. t-bo it is...not so much pizza...