Saturday, July 24, 2010

Four: Swimming Lessons

This day marked the last day of swim lessons for 2010. Every day for two weeks straight I would rush to the boys school and change them into their bathing suits in a bathroom approximately the size of 4 square feet.

This year, swimming just sort of clicked for Hayden. Thanks to Ms. Rhea, his swimming instructor and Peyton, his younger cousin, who showed him how to dive under water on our family vacation.

Davis, however, thinks he is an Olympic swimmer. No need for lessons because he already knows everything there is to know about swimming. In fact he spends most of the lesson under water. Not necessarily swimming, but just avoiding listening, I believe.

Last year, we really emphasized the importance of doggy paddling, because I wanted them to, you know, LIVE, if they ever accidentally fell into a pool. While I have no regrets on the doggy paddling lessons, it's a little embarrassing when he attempts to hijack the class to teach them the importance of Doggy Paddling.

Plus there was this one time when she asked Davis to put his head under water and blow bubbles. Just as he had almost lowered his head into the water, he instead decided it was the appropriate time to stop the class and show his stupid human trick: making bubbles on his tongue.

A trick only him and his dad can do. An impressive trick, but an inappropriate time, no less.

Poor Ms. Rhea, the swimming instructor. Bless her heart. You know she dreads the 6:00-6:30 lessons.

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